About Me

Hi, I'm Liz! Nice to meet you!

My Secret Copy was established May 2019. My Secret Copy was originally only meant to be a social media account in the bookstagram area of Instagram. Luckily, I combined the knowledge and skills I acquired running my other business, Oddsprout, and my love/obsession of books to bring this shop to life.

I run this business from my home studio and do everything from designing products, social media, content creation, and photography. On very busy days, members of my family assist with USPS drop offs. As of July 2020, I am a full-time business owner and dedicate all my time to my shops.

A little about me: I love audiobooks! My favorite book genres are romance novels, thrillers, and mysteries.

I have dreamed of being a full time business owner since I was a child and now live this dream every day. I have so many more short term and long term goals for My Secret Copy. I invite you to follow along this journey. 

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.